Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wall Street Journal Article on the Link Between Food and Headaches

As a chronic headache sufferer, I sympathize for those who have severe headaches. Most of the time mine are not severe, and fortunately, migraines are rare for me. I do get them, and they seem to come in multiples. And they can be intense. I remember a time back in college just before final's week in which I was in bed for three days with a persistent migraine. I hugged a pillow over my face & head. With each beat of my heart I could feel pain pulsating through my cranium. Light was particularly intolerable, and I would say, cruel.

Nowadays the headaches I get are typically not migraines, and usually resolved by gulping a few ibuprofen and a large mug of strong coffee. Or it seems to keep them at bay enough so I can function. I have noticed certain foods do trigger headaches. Unfortunately, these are foods I tend to really like.

In an article this week The Wall Street Journal examines the controversy on the link between foods, headaches and what some experts believe about possible vascular responses due to certain substances (e.g. tyramine) in some foods.


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