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One of my favorite mustached heroes, Ron Swanson (aka Nick Offerman),
sporting the perfect mustache.An exemplary example of true masculinity

Ok, dear readers, now for one of my more edgier* and serious blog topics: Movember.  One week from today begins the important month, Movember. Yes, Movember. It is a time in which some of the masculine among us will begin growing mustaches.  Movember is actually fun and humorous, but it also is a worthwhile global movement about a serious issue: to increase awareness & raise money for men's health issues, particularly testicular & prostrate cancer.  

As one who had a mustache for over twenty-five years (with a few exceptions; I did cut it off when my youngest son was born in 1995). Two years ago I grew a beard, something I often do during the winter. I have always considered myself a red-head, although in recent years it has become darker and a different color (especially after several months of chemotherapy a few years back). But when I grow facial hair, it comes in much brighter red, much like when I was younger. Although there is some noticable gray here & there in the mustache & beard, too.

In the Spring of 2013, I shaved off both the beard & mustache. I've now been without a mustache for a year and a half. Although I've gotten used to it, it took a long while to get used to being entirely clean-shaven. I was told I looked different, even 'funny' without it. Someone even referenced Homer Simpson (I presume this wasn't complimentary). I thought it made me look ten years younger. This is the longest I've been without a mustache during my adulthood.

After thinking about the extremely harsh winter last year, I thought it would be entirely appropriate to grow the beard (and mustache) in anticipation for another frigid winter. My bare face about froze dozens of times last winter. Recalling the 'Movember' event, I thought, "what a great time to grow the facial hair back." It would only be for a few months, because my wife dislikes my beard. Just only until the threat of scraping ice off the windshield has passed. Then I'll probably return to my 'ole clean shaven, baby-faced countenance.

However, after some very diligent research at the Movember website, I discovered there are 5 rules for Movember. Among these rules: no beards. Just the 'stache.' So beginning next Saturday, I will be growing only the mustache. The beard will have to wait until sometime later, probably sometime shortly before the snow is knee deep and the outdoor temperature can freeze boiling water in seconds.

So, back to mustaches. A good mustache compliments a man's face. It should exude confidence, strength and virility. Many great men of history have carefully cultivated the 'stache (e.g. Ron Swanson). There are certain characteristics of mustache growing that a man should follow. One needs not try to mess with it much during during the first month (which is about the time it takes to properly grow out). After the first month, a guy should ensure it is well-groomed. Then there is the issue of what kind of mustache you want to grow (there are whole website devoted to the many different styles...and arguments seem to be infinite. Your significant other will most certainly appreciate an occasional trimming of the 'stache, especially during instances of smooching. They probably don't enjoy sharing whatever leftover crumbs of lunch you may have hiding there. May I also suggest for your mustache research needs perusing an excerpt from Mr. Swanson's Mustache Manifesto (warning, there are some off-color things on this site).

So while assiduously delving into this most austere of subjects, I thought about some of the more famous guys sporting great 'staches. (Not to leave out any of the fairer sex, I just can't think of many attractive & popular ladies with hairy upper lips).  I would argue that most of the ladies out there find some of the more handsome and attractive men sporting the 'stache. My I suggest looking closely at these gentlemen's fine mustaches:

And then there are some guys that mustaches provide a certain distinguished look:

And then there are some rather funny looking mustaches:

And, of course, how could I leave out one of my most favorite political & historical figures, a true American Hero: President Teddy Roosevelt.

Possibly the Greatest President!

So, as we approach the hallowed month of Movember, I encourage any of my potential male friends to join the movement. Become a Mo Bro. You can sign up here! And remember, all silliness and kidding aside, it does help bring awareness of serious men's health issue, something that is often ignored, perhaps because of the its seemingly awkward and sensitive nature. The Movember site even has the ability for us to join/create teams, if so desired.

And, just because I do enjoy a bit of trivial things, take a look at the following famous mustaches and see if you can correctly guess who they belong to:

You can also play TV Guide's Mustache guessing game here.

Happy mustache growing, my Mo Bros!

*See Diveboard-Dave Makes a Return. This statement here is my sad attempt at humor & facetiousness. 

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