Monday, December 17, 2012

Update: Annual Salaries of Indiana State Employees

I've had recent requests to provide updates to my previous post, "Annual Salaries of Indiana State Employees." The Indy Star link is good. However, it doesn't consistently work, and the information is somewhat outdated.

I recently found the Indiana Transparency Portal at This is an excellent resource, and it breaks down the numbers of state employees by agency/department, and even graphs the total number of employees by year. (And you might find it interesting that under Gov. Mitch Daniels' administration there was a significant decline in Indiana State employees--the lowest in 30 years).

Click below to learn more!
Annual Salaries of Indiana State Employees


  1. How are contracted employees reported? I would be interested in seeing information on that, as administrations often claim to have lowered the number of state employees, when, in reality, they've simply moved the positions to contracted employees which they don't count on the "permanent" roles. It's something that we have to be cautious about as citizens, as it's simply an accounting trick of sorts. The FTEs are often still very similar.

  2. The State site does not include salaries of Indiana University employees.

  3. All Indiana University employees can see the salaries of all other employees through an internal web-site but this site is not available to general public. Why not?


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