Tuesday, December 4, 2012

RT.com Article: "Everyone in US under virtual surveillance' - NSA whistleblower"

This fascinating article from RT.com alleges the NSA is eavesdropping on most Americans. For some, this is but another scary example of the ever-expanding government encroachment into our every day lives. Lots of folks will discount the seriousness of such claims, believing that as long as one doesn't do anything illegal, they have nothing to worry about. An educated society should consider the long-term consequences and progression of such power. Is a police-state acceptable in the post-911 world in which we live? Not to mention the enormous costs of capturing the huge volumes of data, and its related storage issues. I can't help but wonder what our Founding Fathers would think. A clever wordsmith surely could write a new Thomas Paine phrase.

I have been thinking about writing some future blog posts about the subject of balancing individual liberty & privacy and our government's 'need'  to obtain information from its citizens in the name of 'national security.'

What do you think? Does it matter? Is the loss of individual privacy mitigated by the promise of security and safety?


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