Sunday, June 17, 2012

Top 10 Things to Do While Waiting in the Hospital

Ok, I'll admit the last 24 hours has not exactly been a party. We have had quite a scare & have been anxiously & nervously waiting for test results & doctors to speak to us about what's going on with my wife.

I am one who doesn't like to just sit and watch the minutes turn into hours. You've gotta pass the time somehow, why not make the best of it! Here are my suggestions:

10) Ask random strangers in the hallway if they've seen your red stapler.

9) Ask the X-Ray Tech if they can find that penny you swallowed when you were 4.

8) Ask the phlebotomist if they've ever practiced on a turnip!?!

7) Tell the hospital staff bad jokes, like "did you hear about the duck who used to practice medicine here? He was a real 'Quack!"

6 Hit the call button & ask for a #4 value meal, with fries!

5) Eat in the hospital cafeteria & do a review on Yelp!

4) Ask the ambulance drivers what happens when lawyers actually catch them?!?

3) Using the intercom, page Dr. Jekyll to the psych floor.

2) Think of funny blog topics to write about!

1) Pray & give thanks for the many amazing & wonderful blessings you have in this life. Remember & pray for those around you who may have not received good news today.


  1. And totally in character - i'd expect nothing less of you Cris!

  2. Good to try to keep a sense of humor even under stress. Glad you had good news in the end. - Sally

  3. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

  4. It was okay...but they all sound boring...


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