Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Trivia Tuesday: Daver's Top 10 New Years Day Trivia Answers

10.  Under what calendar is New Year's Day observed on January 1st? Gregorian

9.  What does the old Scottish song, "Auld Lang Syne" mean? Times gone by.

8.  What do people in Italy do on New Year's Day to bring good luck? They wear red underwear!

7.  What English-language television show is traditionally watched by many Germans on New Years? "Dinner for One."  It is watched quite frequently throughout Europe but is virtually unknown elsewhere, even in Britain.

6.   Statistically, what is stolen most often on New Year's Day than any other day of the year?
      Cars.  And Christmas day happens to be the day they are least stolen.

5.  What unique tradition do people in Ecuador engage in on New Year's Eve? They burn effigies, usually thought to be representative of negative people & events of the past year.

4.  What food is traditionally eaten on the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah) to represent a sweet new year?   Apples & honey.

3.  What are the top three cities people travel to celebrate New Year's Eve (in America)? Las Vegas, Disneyworld, and of course, New York.

2.  Why is it considered bad luck by some to eat fowl on New Year's Day? Because they 'scratch' backwards as they search for food, and going backwards is viewed as a negative. However, in Bolivia and by a some in New Orleans, eating turkey is a New Year's Day tradition. Read more here about some interesting food customs!

1.  What food crop, often eaten on New Years by those living in the Southeastern part of the United States, was overlooked by Sherman's troops as they stole and destroyed other crops, leaving an important food source for hungry, surviving Confederate soldiers? Black Eyed Peas!  

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