Saturday, October 1, 2011

Diving In!

Well, here I go. I'm actually taking the writing/blogging thing seriously. While attending a blogging workshop recently I created this blog. I was unsure of a creative name until one of the members of my group suggested something with a diving board...and it made sense. I tend to 'dive' into things...and my intention with this blog is to talk about a variety of different things....'diving' into subjects that are important to me. 

I've always been interested in writing, and have written quite a few things. However, most of my writings have not been read by lots of people, especially in this kind of medium. Writing is cathartic, therapeutic, and a great way to vent at the world. Discussing personal observations and ideas is appealing, but the notion of putting it out there for anyone in cyber-world to read is also kind of scary. So can jumping off a diving board, and being kind of a bigger guy...I don't do that very often. I make too big of a splash! (Ok, that was my poor attempt at humor). 

So...some quick things about me. I tend to like the quirky and unusual. I love seeing nature as God intended it. I believe the arts are essential and necessary for civilized society to flourish. I believe History is undervalued and ignorance leads to repeating its mistakes. I am a person of faith. I am probably a bit old fashioned, and probably would've been right at home had I lived in a different era. I am intrigued when finding irony and paradox in our modern lives. 

There is an old saying that says one should never discuss politics and religion in polite company. I find these particular topics fascinating...and love to read about & discuss them at great length. However, I have decided to be very selective and careful in discussing these two issues. They may, however, crop up occasionally, just as they sometimes do in real-life conversations. 

Many of the issues I deal with in my professional life often involve frustrating and sad realities for numerous families and individuals in my community. I know of tragic events involving vulnerable people who have fallen through the cracks of our society. Worse yet is the bureaucratic indifference that exist. Rather than become jaded & cynical (more than I already am), I want to try to find productive ways of highlighting issues that are too often ignored. 

I also believe there is a vast array of things that we should enjoy and savor. Life is way too short to be culturally and spiritually myopic. It is a sad thought to think people spend their entire lives making a living but never really making a life.  

Well, enough for now...until I take another bounce off the ole' diving board!


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