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Daver's List of the Top 10 Best Scariest Movies

I must confess that I am a fan of scary movies. People who like scary movies will often get into passionate conversations about their favorite movies, and it's difficult to narrow down the list to a handful of the best. As such, I debated with myself about which ones to exclude. I'm not much for the blood & gore, or slasher movies. I tend to like movies with suspense & a psychological effect.

Like with many books that I love, I have a hard time settling on just a few titles to name as my favorites, but here goes!

10. Signs
Ok, so it may be more of an UFO/Alien movie, but I thought it was a great scary movie (and I love the subplot involving Mel Gibson's character & his faith). 

The Devil's son as a cute little child. Love the scene in the old cemetery when they dig up the coffin. Just a good overall creepy movie!

Gotta love Jack Nicholson as a crazy guy (is that an oxymoron?)! Another Stephen King great (we'll have another discussion about books & written stories). Love the scene when Wendy finds Jack's manuscript in the typewriter that he has supposedly been working on for hours: "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." And of course, "Here's Johnny" is the best line of the entire movie. And the twins, saying, "Come play with us." Redrum!

7. Alien
Sigourney Weaver. Big, nasty, drooling alien. What's not to like??

Another M. Night Shyamalan production! I was one of the guys in the theater at the end, scratching his head and saying, huh? About 30 seconds later, I got it. A few good startles and shriek moments.

Creepy Asian movie. Lot's of good jump in you seat moments.

One of Stephen King's best stories, I think. Gotta love vampires!

(Amazingly low-budget film, shot with a camcorder, and brought in millions. Should make the big Hollywood companies very frightened). I know it did me! Especially when the lady is sleepwalking and stands for what seems like an eternity over her sleeping husband.

A young couple with some relational issues return to an isolate home in the middle of nowhere.. They are up in the middle of the night discussing their future together (or lack thereof) when the first knock on the door begins their horrific night of terror. Loosely based on a true story out in Washington State, I believe. It's more scary because it has the feel of reality...that this could really and probably has happened.

The god-father of them all. Personally, all of the blasphemy and sacrilegious imagery and language was very offensive. However, the intensity of the scenes are incomparable, I think. And Max von of a kind actor!   

Ok, to be fair, I have to include a list of other movies that didn't make my top 10, but are still pretty gosh-darn creepy and deserve honorable mention! Here they are:

When a Stranger Calls (Have you checked on the children? Bahahaa!!)

It (another Stephen King great, the book is better though!). "We all float down here!" I haven't liked clowns since!

The Ring (If you suspend reality for 90 minutes, this is a really creepy movie). 

The Village
(M. Night Shyamalan again, almost always does a great job! And of course, Sigourney Weaver)

Phantasm (and its sequel). Scared me big-time as a kid! That silver sphere thingy chasing people, and the old man with the white hair, in the hearse. Scary!

Needful Things (Another Stephen King great, and it has Max von Sydow, one of the best old school actors!)

Trilogy of Terror (Karen Black and the doll....truly an intensely scary scene!)

Night of the Hunter
Robert Mitchum's character is perfectly creepy. An oldy, but downright frightening.

The Stand
One of King's best novels, and although not perfect in line with the book, the movie is still decent (a bit long, but then again, the unabridged book is like Tolstoyian in length!)

Norman Bates has a bit of a mommy issue. Hitchcock at his finest, a great movie!

And there are many more. If you are a scary movie buff, feel free to leave a message about my list and what ones you feel should be in the top ten!

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