Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Do People Really Change?

Ask any room full of people whether they believe people can change...and you are likely to open up a Pandora's Box of discussion. Many will comment that people in general are selfish and only looking out for "Number 1."

Pessimistic, suspicious, and overall skeptical of others, some folks will tell you to trust no one. Their view of their fellow humans isn't very favorable. They'll argue that to think otherwise is naive and unrealistic. They will tell you that people are ignorant, lacking common sense and character, and undeserving of second chances.

I'll grant there is a lot of Evil in the world. One doesn't have to look far to find that the world is full of hurt and wrongs.

And...I find myself, very often, getting caught up in the stains and bleakness of life. Switch on the news, read the morning headlines, listen to the radio...and pretty soon, before you realize it, there seems to be a lot of stuff on the wrong side of the scale. And it can be downright depressing. People committing unfathomable acts of cruelties, against innocent victims.

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about change. In my professional life, it seems the only constant is continual change. Especially when dealing with government entities. I am one who doesn't like change...I often find myself shaking my head as things around me seem to happen lightening fast. Guess it's just part of my conservative makeup.

Things around us certainly do change, regardless of whether we desire it or not.

But the concept that "people" can change really is important. Can we impact the world around us for the better? Can we change mindsets, behavior, and hearts? Is it truly possible for a man to turn his life around? Or does a person's history, personality and psychological traits set their course in life?

I once heard it said that libraries are based on the idea that people do change. Why write and read books, if words and ideas are futile in helping people change to their minds?

I am persuaded that people are not only capable of change, but the very heart of humanity depends on it. We must change from being self-centered, to a place where we put the best interest of others above ourselves. For many, becoming a parent is the first experience of that sort. Authentic, powerful love for another life to the extent we would die for them.

For me, I think the most poignant example of personal change is the story of John Newton. Yes, I do believe people really can change.


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